Robby Wahl (robby_wahl) wrote in wstlke_blvd,
Robby Wahl

Chloe and Robby have Lunch

"Oh we could eat here."

::Robby and Chloe were walking along the Hollywood Blvd looking for somewhere to have lunch. They came to an "in" sushi place called Yuki Sushi. It was hard to get in but Robby knew how to.::

"It's really good trust me."

::They walked in and it was very crowded for a lunch. The hostess asked how many::

"Two for as soon as possible."

"I'm sorry the next table available is in..."
::She scanned the list::
"45 minutes."

"Will this help?"
::He slipped her a crisp 100 dollar bill making sure that Chloe didn't see::

"Right this way sir."
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