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Andrea Witt

Outside of a 7-11, on the less respectable end of the blvd...OPEN.

Andy was alone, which wasn't especially smart, around here. She didn't care. She was supposed to have gotten a ride home from her sister's apartment, but that hadn't exactly worked out, and now she was walking. She looked somewhat out of place, with her jacket and nice shirt and short skirt, among all of the homeless people in doorways and hookers at corners. It was getting dark, and she really shouldn't have been out. But she didn't know where the bust stop was. Her fingers held tightly to her backback straps. If anyone came up to her, she knew how to defend an extent. She wasn't worried, though. Things like that only happened to people in the newspapers and on the news. Never to her. The whole idea was pretty unreal. Besides, Andy was never really afraid when she should be.

As she waited for the light to change so she could cross the street at the corner by 7-11, she was surprised to see a familiar face on this side of town. Her eyebrows flew up, and she stared. "What the fuck are you doing out here?"
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::Anna pulled her Range Rover up to the stoplight. She was returning back to campusher after a trip to the wrong side of town for her weekly pot fix. She spotted Andy on the corner. She rolled down her window and shouted out at her.::

"What are you doing? Get in.."
Taking a quick glance around her, she opened the door and got into the passenger side seat. Andy threw the backpack into the back seat. She put on the seatbelt out of habit...despite the fact that one would think she wouldn't care, it was a habit from childhood that she'd never been able to shake. She shut the door quickly.

"I was gonna walk back from Kat's apartment..." She shrugged. The idea sounded stupid, now.
::Anna quickly put the SUV into gear and sped off down the boulevard back towards school.::

"Scummy neighborhood."

::She laughed.::

"So, what's going on? I haven't seen you in awhile."
"No shit, Sherlock. If I'm ever about to get raped, you come back and pull a Superman, okay?" Andy grinned.

"Not much, just kinda hanging around and whatever. The usual. You?" She leaned back in the seat. She could barely smell the scent of marijuana, but decided not to say anything. The smell was probably coming from her jacket as well.
"I'll be sure to come to your rescue again."

::She laughed.::

"Same, really. I was running low on, well, supplies."

::She grinned.::

"So I decided to take a trip out to my dealer."
"I noticed." Andy smirked. "That's what sisters are for...sometimes she just gives me dime bags, but if I go by there often enough, there's always more. God, school security sucks." She even smoked in her dorm room sometimes, and no one ever found out, besides her the numerous students who knew what she was doing when she cut class (she'd gotten a bit of a repuation for that.)
::Anna laughed.::

"Yeah, it seems like no one on campus has anything even worth smoking, so I have to make the schelp out here. But I guess it's worth it."
"Hell yeah, it is." She closed her eyes. "I hate school so much...let's run away and go to Tijuana."
::She sighed.::

"I wish. I'm sick of all this college application bullshit."
"Yeah. I can prolly get into somewhere decent with my writing, but essays don't do jack shit for grades, and my math and science are just enough to keep me off of honor roll." Surprisingly enough, Andy was an excellent writer, and pretty good at history. She just couldn't really deal with the logical; her brain was more abstract.

"I swear I've got a conscience in there somewhere, and it's telling me that I need to pass physics." She crossed her arms, staring out the window. Very few people knew that Andy actually did well in school. She wasn't the slacker that a lot of people expected.
"Ugh, physics is a bitch. I'm doing well in everything but math and science, too."

::She flipped on the CD player to a Jets to Brazil song.::

"Where do you want to go?"
"Yeah... Don't care, as long as we get back to the dorms eventually. I've got no where to be." She chewed idly on her pinkie nail, ignoring the black sharpie colorings that covered it.
"I meant for college, but I'm pretty hungry. Want to head over to Johnny Rockets?"

::She laughed.::

"It's horrible, but I'm addicted to their strawberry milkshakes."
She shrugged. "So, I have a tendancy to be a dumbass. I don't know...maybe somewhere small and private. I need to send out applications soon, I guess. Food sounds good."

Andy actually snorted at the milkshake comment. "And then there are those of us who are sometimes major losers..." After hanging around her for so long, Andy knew that Anna wouldn't take it personally. In fact, 'loser' was almost a term of endearment, coming from her.
"Come on, loser."

::Anna laughed.::

"It's just one street over."

::She turned at the next block and parallel parked the SUV in front of the diner. She grabbed her vintage Fendi bag and slammed the door to the car.::
She followed Anna into the restaurant, shutting the door behind her. They made an odd couple. Andy had pins all over her jacket, from an assortment of different rock bands. She wore knee-socks with her Converse chucks. The backpack had been left in the car; it made little sense to carry that huge thing with her. Her wallet was in her hand.

"They've got kick-ass fries," she said, looking around to see if there was anyone familiar.
::Anna sat at the bar and grabbed two menus for her and Andy.::

"Man, the fries are deadly. I'm so sick of this Atkins shit. I'm pigging out."

::She laughed. She took off her orange Marc Jacobs coat and put it on the stool next to her.::
"Atkins'll kill you. There's a better diet, it's called nicotine." She grinned. They weren't supposed to smoke on campus, but who cared? Obviously not the faculty.

Andy didn't take off her jacket. Instead, she opened one of the menus and began to read off of it.
"Cigarettes. My ultimate weakness. I've been smoking non-stop lately."

::Anna glanced at the menu. When the waitress came by in a few minutes she was ready to order.::

"Strawberry milkshake, cheeseburger medium with everything. And a large fry, please."
"Yeah. I've been using them as incentive to finish schoolwork. That way, it's like smoking's educational..." She glanced up at the waitress. "Large Coke, large fries, thanks." As soon as the waitress left with their orders, Andy continued talking again. "I stopped eating meat in July..."
"Wow. I couldn't do it."

::She took a sip of the water the busboy had brought.::

"Moral reasons?"
"Morals, me?" She snickered. "More like...I don't want to get fat from eating the whole fucking grocery store when I'm stoned? I don't know. Maybe moral reasons. I just kind of...stopped. Besides, PETA's kinda intersting."
::Anna laughed. Andy was a funny girl, and they had similar senses of humor.::

"I know what you mean. Munchies are a bitch. PETA's cool, though. I'm all for animals."
"Mmhmm." She didn't say anything else, because their food had arrived.