Andrea Witt (andrea_witt) wrote in wstlke_blvd,
Andrea Witt

Outside of a 7-11, on the less respectable end of the blvd...OPEN.

Andy was alone, which wasn't especially smart, around here. She didn't care. She was supposed to have gotten a ride home from her sister's apartment, but that hadn't exactly worked out, and now she was walking. She looked somewhat out of place, with her jacket and nice shirt and short skirt, among all of the homeless people in doorways and hookers at corners. It was getting dark, and she really shouldn't have been out. But she didn't know where the bust stop was. Her fingers held tightly to her backback straps. If anyone came up to her, she knew how to defend an extent. She wasn't worried, though. Things like that only happened to people in the newspapers and on the news. Never to her. The whole idea was pretty unreal. Besides, Andy was never really afraid when she should be.

As she waited for the light to change so she could cross the street at the corner by 7-11, she was surprised to see a familiar face on this side of town. Her eyebrows flew up, and she stared. "What the fuck are you doing out here?"
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